Hyper Detailed Bic Pen Portraits

I’ve got a Bic ballpoint pen resting in between my keyboard’s keys. I’d never in a million years have thought this inexpensive tool would inspire artists, such as Juan Francisco Casas, to create amazing works of art! You’ll be utterly stunned by the hyper casual, goofy, and somewhat risqué portraits of party goers shown after the jump!

Images via Juan Francisco Casas

The scenes and subjects found in these photo-like creations are often what you’d encounter when flicking through your camera after a wild night out – many of them ending up erased from your memory stick. Spanish artist Juan Francisco Casas not only hangs on to these memories but also uses them as reference to sketch practically identical, highly detailed and heavily inked, blue ballpoint pen versions.

What might be interesting to note is that the design of a Bic pen is meant to replicate that of wooden pencil, with it’s hexagonal shape, traditionally used for sketching.

Images via Juan Francisco Casas

For more of Juan’s drawings (many of which are risqué), as well as his paintings (a couple of which are displayed in the above gallery), visit his website.

This article was inspired by this Lost At E Minor piece.

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