Photos That Show Silent Screams


Dark wisps of hair masking faces, seen drowning in silent screams, rusty, bloody hues, and vignettes. These are the works of Israeli artist Yell Saccani, who composes and expresses her innermost feelings through her photographs that channel famous expressionistic paintings.

Images via Lost At E Minor

Take a look at the above and below photographs. Many say they see traces of Edvard Munch’s “The Scream” in her dark and somewhat disturbing blurry creations. It may, therefore, come as a surprise that Yahella Saccani Vezzani, or Yell Saccani for short, draws upon Love and Music for her inspiration. She’s from Israel and says in an interview, of the drawbacks to her medium, that she’s “in a country that art is not on the table”.

Owing to the last statement, Yell says the internet is how she connects to people with whom she can share her ideas and works with, they in turn helping advance her career. “I think internet is the most important tool when you are an unfamiliar artist. With the right sites you can get anywhere you want”.

Image via Lost At E Minor

Yell poetically expresses that Music is her salvation and that she can’t “work or move without it”. She cites Radiohead’s “In Rainbows”, David Bowie, and 80s New Wave to be among her top listens.

To end with, here are some words of wisdom from Yell to other creatives: “I taught myself all and in any of my work; I never used anything of anyone, even the smallest dot in the pictures is mine…If I don’t have ideas I will simply won’t do anything”.

This article was inspired by this Lost At E Minor piece.

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    These are really scary and beautiful at the same time!

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