Memorable Mixtapes: Hip-Hop-Hooray for Mixtapes!


I was never a big fan of hip-hop and its whole genre. I have always been the punk, hardcore kind of a guy. I hear it but never gave it a chance to really immerse in it. This change when a friend gave me my first hip-hop/R&B mixtape.

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It was the 90s, back in college, mix tapes or bootlegs was the in thing. CDs were so expensive; most of us bootlegged every album of our favorite bands we got hold of. Because of the limited music tapes usually carries, we just choose the best songs from each albums, thus the mixtape. Back then I was more into punk rock, hardcore stuff like Descendents, Black Flag, Bad Brains, 7 Seconds and Living Color . Well, grunge was cool too until Creed and its contemporaries ruined it all. On the other side, hip-hop has its own thing going on. I never really liked hip-hop unless you consider Beastie Boys as one. But a few may know that before rapping their way to success, Beastie Boys were an underground punk band from NY. In the hip-hop scene, I don’t even know who were from the East and those from the West side. All of these, I was clueless of.

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But on Sundays, it feels like hardcore and punk music has to take a back sit. I was used to radios playing old New Wave stuffs on Sundays to sort of mellow down. Some other Sundays, I just don’t feel listening to new wave. I thought, I just wanted a nice groove while driving on Sundays. So a friend, made me a mix tape. The first time I saw it, I stopped. I was thinking, this is hip-hop. He knows I’m not in to this. Also, coming from a guy who plays for a hardcore band, this is way out our league. So, what the heck, I just loaded it in.

The next time I knew, I was turning the tape over to the next side. I never knew hip-hop and R&B could this be good. After hearing the mix tape my friend made me, I became an instant the Roots and Speech fan. The Roots weren’t Bad Brains or Living Colors but they rock my socks out. Speech meanwhile was a musical, lyrical genius. I have kept this tape because it has become my favorite Sunday drive companion. I was one of those, must keep even in the ages of CDs and MP3s. Although I haven’t played it for a long time. It reminded me of those wonderful Sunday drive memories. Or everytime I hear it, it just reminded me of Sundays.

Credits: boobert

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  1. renenob
    renenob ·

    Hip Hop Bulok! hahaha! @boobert @icuresick @superkulisap

  2. adam_g2000
    adam_g2000 ·

    I liked that Punk scene too, not so much the hardcore though! Nice article.

  3. boobert
    boobert ·

    thanks @adam_g2000 Descendents never grows old on people who grew up with their music.

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