Angelina Jolie’ing - a One Legged Movement


Angelina’s signature “strike a pose” look consists of sticking her right leg out to the side and bending it slightly at the knee, usually done in an evening gown with a high slit. This new meme has swept the world by storm following the Oscars and is a hilarious one that’s full of innovative submissions!

Image via Tumblr

From infants to small dogs, right legs are being exposed to make like Angelia Jolie! The movement is being called “Angelina Jolie’ing” and is moving across the globe on just one foot! Check out the gallery of photos below, which consists of side-by-side comparisons to bring the memes on home, as well as photos which expertly edit Jolie’s actual leg onto that of another famous celebrity, such as Michael Jackson.

Images via Tumblr

These photos sure are “très jolie” in terms of being entertaining.

For the full on Jolie, one has to twist their hip out and point the toe of their outstretched leg while giving a pout tantamount to Jolie’s natural one.

Credits: miriel, majorted, damiao_santana & sye

Do you have your own Jolie submissions to share?

This article was inspired by this Lost At E Minor piece.

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    Funny movement but I don't see the link with lomo...

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