Spotted: Jakarta Globe Newspaper Lists 5 Great... Lomography Cameras


The Jakarta Globe Newspaper runs a weekly series wherein they feature their top 5 must-haves, must-sees, and what not. Their latest Great 5… lists their choice Lomography products! Exciting! Read on to see which products made the cut.

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The Jakarta Globe Newspaper is an Indonesian daily newspaper that runs in English and was founded in 2008. They’ve featured many articles on analogue photography including one on constructing pinhole cameras.

This latest list is 5 Great... Lomography Products and they nominate their choice cameras that produce quirky, nostalgic and dreamy photographs.

So which cameras made it to the Top 5?

1. LomoKino
Included in the list as a great camera able to produce moving images in the trademark Lomo style. The Lomokino makes shooting analogue films easy with its crank handle and its fast focusing which allows you to shoot up to five frames per minute.

2. Sprocket Rocket
Praised for its panoramic shots and its exposed sprockets, the Sprocket Rocket makes it into the top five not only for its range of possible shots but also because of its handy rewind knobs which allow you to rewind and double exposure shots with ease.

3. Holga
Celebrated for its built in colour wheel which allows you to pick a red, yellow or blue to tint your flash. The construction of the Holga is also noted with for its plastic lens and its light leaks, vignetting and distortions creating unexpected and exciting results.

4. Diana Mini
Whilst many might be disappointed to not see the Diana F+ the Diana Mini is included for its ease of use and its use of 35mm. Its ability to take square format photographs and half frames which allows you to take up to 72 photographs also labels it as one of Lomography’s greatest products.

5. Fisheye One
With its 170 degree field of vision made it to this list as an affordable and easy to use camera that produces unique and brilliant photographs with fantastic quality images.

What’s your Top 5 Lomography products? :-)

Read the Jakarta Globe article here or start shopping now!

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  1. hervinsyah
    hervinsyah ·

    WOOOOWWWW, SUPER SURPRISE. THE WRITER IS NOT A JAKARTANESE =D Ayo para Lomografer Jakarta, bikin article tentang koran asal penulis artikel ini ^_^

  2. lomonesia
    lomonesia ·

    Ini di Koran apa?

  3. istionojr
    istionojr ·

    ga heran kok kl penulisnya bukan orang indonesia. hhi.

    @marthasmarvels great insights!

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