Oktomat: Leave a Space for Your Autograph

This was a careless mistake—the black out frame can be used as an “autograph” spot. Or it can be used to write something meaningful, or words of blessing.

Cover the top right lens with your finger.

Before, I used to take one frame every time I press the shutter release. After using multi lens camera Oktomat , I can take 8 continuous actions all in 1 frame. This is beyond my imagination. Kudos to the person who invented this camera.

Photos without using this tipster

If you feel that 8 shots are a bit too many and want to take 1 frame less, you can cover one of the lens with your fingers when releasing the shutter.

I only realized that my finger got in the way after developing my photos. I was very frustrated and felt that those that took 7 frames are failures. I wanted to junk them but as some of the shots are really nice, I thought out of the box and used the blank frame as an autograph space.This thought brought me much needed relief.

Top right frame is now the autograph space

Although we don’t wish to be careless at all, there are times whereby such carelessness brings us happiness and a new Tipster.

The Oktomat serves up your subject in cleanly sliced 8 little frames. Envision yourself as a movie director with only 2.5 seconds to relate your micro-masterpiece. Get your own Oktomat now!

written by hwangcharngan on 2012-03-29 #gear #tutorials #oktomat #camera #tipster #lomo #lomography #continuous #autograph #blank-space
translated by coolsigg

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