Camera Cameos: Rolleiflex TLR on Fur: An Imaginary Portrait of Diane Arbus


It’s Monday once again and here’s another feature on analogue eye candies which you may have already seen in cinematic films, old school music videos, vintage advertisements, or other forms of visual media. Our fourth full feature for this series is a Rolleiflex TLR caught on Fur: An Imaginary Portrait of Diane Arbus!

Photos via Flickhead and Fark

Camera: Rolleiflex 3.5F TLR
Cameo-d on: Fur: An Imaginary Portrait of Diane Arbus (2006)

Fur: An Imaginary Portrait of Diane Arbus is the story of the world-renowned photographer of the 20th Century, Diane Arbus, and how her interest in photography began. In the film, Diane, portrayed by Nicole Kidman, uses a Rolleiflex 3.5F TLR to take photographs of her neighbors and her mentor, Lionel Sweeney, played by Robert Downey Jr., who eventually becomes her lover.

Photos via Much Love Anna

Now, a closer look at our analogue eye candy on spotlight: the Rolleiflex TLR — more specifically, the Rolleiflex F 3.5 with Zeiss Planar 75mm f/3.5, which Diane Arbus used in real life to photograph her usual subjects: circus freaks, the mentally ill, and transvestites.

Photo via Flickr

To know more about Diane Arbus’ excellent photography, you may also read Best of the Best: Diane Arbus.

*Camera Cameos* is one of Lomography’s editorial series which features different film cameras that appeared in different forms of visual media. Stay tuned for the next episode!

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  1. leemagpiesmith
    leemagpiesmith ·

    this is one of my top 5 favourite films!!! nice article.

  2. rebe_w_c
    rebe_w_c ·

    she is my absolute favorite!

  3. basterda
    basterda ·

    @rebe_w_c Who, Arbus or Kidman? :)

  4. crazyglinc
    crazyglinc ·

    good camera that makes a crap necklace :-)

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