Klick Max Expired Film: Faded Photos with a Hint of Nostalgia


The Klick Max 200 is a perfect companion if you are looking for faded photos with a hint of nostalgia.

The Klick Max 200 is a perfect companion if you are looking for faded photos with a hint of nostalgia.

With only 24 exposures (12 exposures less than usual), you will start to think of ways to maximize the usage of this film. You also think carefully about where exactly do you want to shoot photos so that this film’s ability is executed to its fullest perfection.

The Klick Max 200 is perfect for those sunny days, when you have an urge to capture the skies in their full glory and yet retain a hint of subtlety.

Just look at these photos!

The colours are slightly faded but that is probably because the film is expired. Capturing pastel colours on this film only serves to make them more muted and subtle, giving that nostalgic and vague feeling you get whenever you flip through old yearbooks and photoalbums.

I happened to use this film while I was at the zoo. Take a look and guess at the animal below!

The film, being ISO 200, is unable to capture light as well as I thought it would, so some photos turned out slightly blurred and dark.

However, it is great for captured natural landscapes and sceneries due to its quality and ability to retain the original feel of the place, as you can see below.

The Klick Max 200 35mm film is a reliable colour negative workhouse. This film is expired but will yield the same great results! See the whole range of colour negatives in our Shop.

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    I have quite a few of these but never tried them. Nice one

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