Super Selfies: The Shots that Tell Stories

What’s that old saying? Oh, “A picture paints a thousand words.” When you look at a perfectly composed scene or portrait exposed just right words like gorgeous, amazing, inspiring may spring to mind. But in my opinion, it really takes a messy, clumsy selfies to turn those thousand words into a fun-filled story!

Credits: luciasrose

This roll of film started in a shop in a town just north of Sydney, Australia. It survived 4 x-ray machines and 24 hours on a plane to the UK. Finally, it was loaded into my Diana F+ one chilly December night, ready to be exposed to the fun that the city of Manchester has to offer.

The night started when my friend and I sweet talked our way into the MCR Lomography Gallery Store Grand Opening (the secret is to always have a Diana with you!). We were engrossed in the mince pies, free wine and gorgeous Lomowall. We had our photos taken, we tried out cameras, we squeezed through the rapidly increasing crowd until, as wee little Australian tourists, we felt we had imposed enough on the tight knit community that is the MCR Lomographers.

Credits: luciasrose

Released into the night, we searched out a little cocktail bar called Barcelona. With brightly coloured daiquiris in hand we started what was to become the tradition of the night: taking Selfies with every drink that night.

Next up Diana’s little flash was tested by Black Russians in Night and Day, accompanied by screen painting artists producing art right in front of us in the dimly lit bar. Maybe it was the cocktails, or maybe the urge to fill this roll of film with the fun we were having, but we had a deep craving to go dancing, so we left the artists and Night and Day to follow the music.

Credits: luciasrose

We ended up in a bright club with more drinks in hand and more photos clumsily snapped, dancing to whatever pop song was most poppy at the time. Strangers became friends as curiosity over a cute little camera bubbled into conversations (I like to believe a fair few digital drones were converted to the analog way of life that night).

After many songs and much dancing we donned our coats and headed back out into the night, breaking tradition by taking a Selfie drink-less in the Christmas lights of Canal Street.

Unable to resist a sheep related name we found ourselves in Baa Bar, a place of incrediably bright lights and even brighter drinks resulting in the brightest selfies yet!

Credits: luciasrose

With 2 more shots left on the roll we ordered one more round of insanely pink shooters, took one more drink featured, increasingly wobbly armed selfie. With my exposure counter on 12 we ended the night with an exhausted flash lighting the back seat of a black cab taking us home.

The selfie isn’t what many would call art. Many may call these pictures a waste of good film but to me they tell a story of a great night out with a fantastic friend in a brilliant city and I wouldn’t have them any other way!

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