My Wild Sprocket Ride @ Laneway Music Festival 2012 in Singapore


Last month, I attended my first ever music festival! Being the Lomographer I am, of course I brought along my new analogue camera – the Sprocket Rocket – to document this very exciting experience.

It was my very first time trying out this camera, I was so excited I even matched my nail polish to my Sprocket Rocket Superpop Blue!

One full glorious day of music and fun! I was really looking forward to the truly fantastic lineup of indie bands at Laneway, and they certainly did not disappoint. One of the first bands to play was Yuck – my favourite out of all the performances of the day.

Fort Canning Hill was completely packed – I think every hipster in Singapore was there. ;)

The buzz and energy in the air was electric. Even as the day wore on and act after act played, the dancing never stopped!

I liked that we could be laidback too. Throughout and in between performances, we ate, drank, chatted and of course shot pictures. I happened to bump into many friends there. To my delight, I saw some other people carrying around Lomography cameras too, but was too shy to approach them. Anyway, my bright blue Sprocket Rocket was an attention grabber and snagged some compliments even!

One by one, the bands played. Some of my favourites were Cults, The Drums, The Horrors and Feist. Finally, the last act (and probably most popular and anticipated) for the festival came on. M83 rocked out the stage, and at the end of it all I felt happy, tired and inspired.

All in all, a perfect first experience for a music festival virgin like me, and it wouldn’t have been complete without my loyal camera by my side to help me remember it forever. I’m pleasantly surprised at how interesting some of my pictures turned out. Golden Rule #3: Lomography is not an interference in your life, but part of it. I came, I saw, I conquered – till next year, Laneway!

The Sprocket Rocket is the first wide-angle camera dedicated entirely to sprockets. And with dual winding knobs for easy multiple exposures, there is no limit to your analogue creativity with this panoramic wonder. See the Sprocket Rocket in our Shop!

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  1. hervinsyah
    hervinsyah ·

    Just envy with Singapore which can held two of my fave musician, Au Revoir Simone & Joanna Newsom. I hope someday I can see them playing in my hometown =D

  2. niko_fuzzy
    niko_fuzzy ·

    great shots &&& the last video damn EPIC performance by M83!!! best festival in 2012.

  3. saysaysay
    saysaysay ·

    @niko_fuzzy thanks!! were you there too?

  4. niko_fuzzy
    niko_fuzzy ·

    yeah! i was there from cults to M83. but i left for foods on anna calvi & twin shawdow. then came back for laura marling & continue throughout. :) @saysaysay

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