Parallels & Juxtaposition


I live in a place of the world where you can’t miss the change of the seasons. But even in the placidity of snow, winter can look different. Take a look at the changing times around my town in these analogue photos and note the parallelism.

Credits: lighttomysoul

The first one is from February which means we had had snow for some 3 months.

The second one is an evening of snow. The ground was clean 12 hours prior to taking the photo.

Credits: lighttomysoul

I seem to be fascinated with train tracks. The first one is an unsupervised crossing, and the second one is from a train station where a whole piece of the fence is missing so you can just run in there freely and snap away to your hearts content.

Credits: lighttomysoul

Again on the tracks. The second one here is from the same night as the top first one. I’ve never seen such a large amount of snow come down so quick.

Credits: lighttomysoul

Olso vs. my hometown Luleå, also Winter vs. Summer. All the daylight vs. barely any daylight. Different kinds of blue. I like them both.

Credits: lighttomysoul

Old tire vs. new tire

Credits: lighttomysoul

Spring vs. winter. My cat coming to say hi vs. my cat going off on a daily stroll of his.

Have you discovered some interesting parallels in all of your pictures? Maybe you have a lot of juxtaposition going on in your pictures? Out of these parallels, which one is your favourite? I think it’s my cat Gizmo but I might be biased. :)

written by lighttomysoul on 2012-03-12 #cat #lifestyle #trains #summer #winter #snow #spring #analogue-photography #parallel #parallels


  1. boobert
    boobert ·

    i like the 4th set!

  2. bloomchen
    bloomchen ·

    nice article.

  3. bravebird
    bravebird ·

    yeah! great article!

  4. lighttomysoul
    lighttomysoul ·

    @boobert @bloomchen @upic thanks guys! :) almost there for my 200 piggies for my Lubitel. just gotta think up 3 tiny more articles!

  5. glenn
    glenn ·


  6. jeffr
    jeffr ·

    great article! i love train tracks too so, i'd have to say those are my favorite sets.
    also, that's pretty damn exciting about the Lubitel - I'm hoping to save up for a horizon - i have just over 100 piggies with a long way to go!

  7. gelibee
    gelibee ·

    Beautiful photos! :)

  8. domemerson
    domemerson ·

    Both article and photos really inspired me.

  9. b0m
    b0m ·

    Intressant artikel. Kul att se sin egen stil objektivt.
    Se nu till att spöa AIK. /Hälsningar från en Djurgårdare. :)

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