Salak South New Village: a Hidden Gem for KL Lomographers


A secluded town just outside of Kuala Lumpur with old village houses, wet-market, friendly people, and panoramic view of city skyline – a must-visit for KL Lomographers!

Since I fell in love with lomography, I have always been searching for new places and surprising locations for shooting. One fine day as I was taking the train to my workplace, I saw this place with plenty of old houses from the window, and I thought, ‘hmm…that should be a nice place to take pictures!’ So I decided to drive out there one day and find out where that place could be.

Credits: chethong

After carefully searching Google Map, and triangulate the area using the train track, I have pinpointed the location and off I went to search for it. It is called ‘Salak Selatan New Village’ in Kuala Lumpur.

To my surprise, this little village is actually quite secluded from the busy part of the city. From Google Map, we can see that it is surrounded by highways and train tracks, yet the only road to access it seems to be Jalan 1 (Road 1).

What amazed me is how it retains its ‘kampung’ (old village) look and the varieties of pictures you can take there. There are definitely old run-down houses, little Chinese temples, wet markets, old wishing trees (!) etc, in a valley-like area, where you can easily take pictures of rooftop houses. My favorite is this small road leading up to a hill with this awesome panoramic view of the Kuala Lumpur skyline! Wow! All this in a small secluded town just outside of KL!

Credits: chethong
I took the picture of these old folks from the car. Thinking that I was a reporter, they shouted “Hi! Are you going to post my pictures in the newspaper?” :)

My pictures didn’t turn out as nice as they could have been, as I’ve accidentally underexposed most of them. But I strongly recommend, especially to my fellow KL Lomographers, to pay this little hidden gem a visit – I know I will, when I’m back in KL.

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  1. horsoon
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    Great post! I'm going to check out this place :-)

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