The Unveiling of Silver Lake at Lomography Gallery Store Singapore

Mirror, mirror, on the wall, who’s the most treasured of them all? The Treasure of Silver Lake Party held on the 8th of March transported us back to the heyday of the 1960’s and saw the unveiling of the most coveted LC-A+ yet at Lomography Gallery Store Singapore!

Guests were given a little History 101 between sips of champagne and nibbling at profiteroles as Store Manager Hakimbo “You’re the Boss” Hakim captivated them with his apple sauce demeanor and traced the roots of the LC-A right to the heart of its glassy-eyed splendor.

Amidst a backdrop of silver curtains swaying to the tunes of Motown and Soul and the shimmer of the disco ball bedazzling, they were treated to a glorious sight as they waited with bated breath for the jewel to emerge from its silvery depths. White gloves donned and looking very dapper, staffer Kenneth proceeded to unravel the Silver Lake to a resounding applause. All were invited to get up close with the belle of the ball and boy, did they do so!

And what party would be complete without fun and games? In our “Toss that Silver Coin” challenge, three participants got a little help from Lady Luck and were rewarded with free film for successfully tossing the coin into the silver box. And a little treasure hunting for a tiny LC-A+ keychain hidden somewhere in the store saw one Jack Sparrow walk away with a free workshop voucher.

Flash lights ablazin’, shutters clickin’, the night was immortalized in rolls upon rolls of film and Instax as guests went away a little buzzed and completely entranced by the magic of Silver Lake!

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