Lost & Found: Former President of Turkey, Turgut Özal

A chain of coincidences involving meeting my sister at the airport, a spontaneous trip to Turkey, and a strip of Agfa XR 100 negatives found, revealing Turkey’s 8th president, Turgut Özal. Can anyone help me find out how this happened?

For those who don’t know who Turgut Özal is, he’s the 8th president of Turkey. Reigning from ‘89 to ’93, “he transformed the economy of Turkey by paving the way for the privatization of many state enterprises,” says Wikipedia. Such as these dry facts, the research on Özal’s death seems to raise suspicion: a heart attack in April 17, 1993 ended both his reign and his life, leaving his wife and children behind.

But what brought me to this man?!

Well, in fact it was the spontaneous decision to meet my sister at Cologne airport and take the next best plane to anywhere which was Turkey, in our case. After three shabby days in a shabby hotel in low-season-tourist’s cage Alanya (sorry), we welcomed the sun and started walking up the nearby hill. A straying but friendly dog took it as its task to lead us up to the top, but a brown stripe of polyester on the ground caught my eye halfways.

I picked it up, showed it to my sister, put it down and went on. I went back, picked it up again and kept it in my backpack. I brought my little discovery to the friendly photo shop owner who explained to me that—he was not surebut—it might be Turgut Özal, former president of Turkey, who accidently poses in these photos in a rather private athmosphere.

Now I’m awfully excited about how it got there, who lost it there on the street, especially: Who met him personally to get so close to him? In case you live in Alanya, miss five negatives in a row, showing your subject/friend/boss, Turgut Özal, don’t be afraid to contact me!

written by ksie on 2012-03-12 #lifestyle #holiday #turkey #alanya #lost-negatives #agfa-xr-100 #turgut-ozal

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