The Home of the Bamboo Organ


Las Piñas City, Philippines is home to the famous Bamboo Organ, a nineteenth-century pipe organ made almost entirely from bamboo.

Las Piñas is located south of Metro Manila. Half of its land area is residential and the remaining half is used for commercial, industrial, and institutional purposes. As mentioned earlier, it is home to the famous Bamboo Organ located inside St. Joseph Church Parish of Las Piñas, formerly known as “San Jose Parish Church” during the Spanish period, as the only organ of its kind in the world.

Credits: bylcuenca

Just outside the church, there is a sculpture of Father Diego Cera, the priest who built the bamboo organ.

Credits: bylcuenca

Aside from the bamboo organ, you will also get to see these inside the church…

I hope you’ll try to visit our small town. =)

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  1. reyesryanmjaube
    reyesryanmjaube ·

    what cam did

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    sorry my net got f'd up. what cam did you use?

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    reyesryanmjaube ·

    what cam did

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    i'm guessing, Byl's Olympus OM1

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    @reyesryanmjaube i used yashica fx-3 for the black and white fotos and yes @renenob OM1 for all the other fotos... thanks! =)

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