The Stockton Tunnel: A Portal Through San Francisco


Wandering the streets near our store in Union Square, one can stumble upon many treasures! The crew from the Lomography Gallery Store in San Francisco finds a wondrous Tunnel full of amazing photo opportunities.

Roughly three blocks long, the Stockton Tunnel connects North Beach & Chinatown with Union Square. For the Lomography San Francisco Galelry Store, the Tunnel is a magical portal transporting us to Chinatown and beyond. This atmospheric urban cave is an excellent backdrop for Lomo photography adventures. A mere 476 ft. from the our doorstep at Sutter and Grant, you can enter the Tunnel at Bush and Stockton St.

Approaching the Tunnel. Shot on a Spinner 360
Entering the Tunnel at Bush & Stockton St. Shot on a Spinner 360

Once inside, you can walk all the way through to the north portal at Sacramento and Stockton, or you can take a variety of interesting detours. Head up the first staircase on your left a grab a drink at the Tunnel Top bar. On the opposite end, climb the staircase to the top of the north-side of the Tunnel. Take out your camera and snap this interesting perspective of Chinatown, North Beach and the Bay. Walk a block to Stockton and California; looking down California St. is a unique view all the way through the Financial District to the Bay Bridge. The tunnel is pedestrian friendly and usually not very crowded, so it’s very convenient and easy to stop and shoot photos.

Shot on an LC-A+ by Tarek Al-Zand
Shot by community member Xochitl Segura
Shot on a Spinner 360

Once you have a blast in Chinatown, walk back through the Tunnel at a different time of day, and photograph the Tunnel from a whole new perspective!

Shot by community member Kawai Carvalho on a LC-A+

When exiting the Tunnel at Bush and Stockton, don’t miss the glitzy Burritt Room at the Crescent Hotel. A classic bar with a vintage feel, this is an excellent place to sip a fancy cocktail and listen to live music; a fabulous detour on your way back to the Lomography SF Gallery store at Sutter and Grant.

The Stockton Tunnel is a convenient thoroughfare and a fantastic setting for analogue photography. All of us at Lomography San Francisco eagerly await future Tunnel photo adventures. What do you think is the best Lomo camera to use the in Stockton Tunnel? Send us your ideas!

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