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For the next Review of the Week feature, the spotlight is on a Lady Grey 400 review, which our featured lomographer dubbed as Miss Diana’s new best friend. Well, why don’t we take a look if the two really get along well?

I’m sure many of you will agree that black and white photography is quite the tricky one. Devoid of color, the photographer’s composition and ability to tell a story through pictures will make or break a snapshot. The Diana F+ has long been a favorite for the dreamy, classy feel that her photographs exude, but with black and white films, it’s quite a challenge for us to find a perfect match for the Diana.

Even so, carlota_nonnumquam has found a “new best friend” for her trusty Diana F+ in Lomography Lady Grey 400. What does our featured lomographer have to say about Lomography’s high-speed black and white film?

“I love black and white photos with high contrast and Lomography Lady Grey, with its wide tonal range, is great when it comes to contrast: the blacks are gorgeous, the greys are lovely, and the whites are really vibrant.”

Do the two ladies really get along nicely? Well, why don’t we let some of our lomorapher’s snapshots do the talking:

Credits: carlota_nonnumquam

Check out the full review to see more photos from our featured lomographer’s lovely day out with the two lovely Lomography ladies!

Congratulations, carlota_nonnumquam, for bagging the Film Review of the Week!

The next snapshooter who will bag the next Film Review of the Week distinction could be you! Submit your film review and wow us with your beautiful photos and helpful insights. In case yours isn’t on the list, feel free to let me know!

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