Portraits of Strangers: Remember Rule #5!


When you carry a camera in your bag, you’re ready and willing to capture the world that surrounds you. A world that’s full of amazing things, including strangers that turn out to be great subjects for your lomographic life.

There’s tons of ways of getting a portrait from a total stranger, you can try to catch them incognito while they’re passing by, or even asking them if you can take a picture.

Credits: guanatos

I’ve tried both ways, but I think the best way to catch a complete stranger (in my opinion) is by engaging them. Yes! Engage a total stranger, don’t ask or try to get them on the fly. 

When you ask, you only get a smile or a photo pose

Credits: guanatos

when you try the quick and incognito, you’ll probably get a good photo but not a great portrait.

Credits: guanatos

On the other hand, when you engage the stranger, convert him or her into your subject, you chat a bit, you get closer, and it’s then and only then when you’re able to capture their true essence.

Credits: guanatos

This is when the help from our beloved Lomography cameras comes into place. When you follow *Rule #5* and you approach the objects of your Lomographic desire as close as possible, you create a bond with that person, get to know a bit about them and then the whole process of creating a portrait is a real breeze!

Credits: guanatos

Don’t be affraid! It’s hard at first but when you get the hang of you’ll discover a whole new opportunity to capture the world around you, including strangers!

Credits: guanatos

Grab your favorite Lomography camera, take a walk, remember Rule #5 and share with the rest of us your Lomo-Strangers!

Lomo On!

Credits: guanatos

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    wow! great portraits!

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    nice article

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    Thanks @adi_totp glad you liked them!
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