Floating Clouds Indoors, For Real!


Dutch artist Berndnaut Smilde has his head up in the clouds. And we love it. If you ever tried, to no avail, to bottle up a cloud then dream on dreamers because Smilde has made it a reality! Instead of a bottle he’s found a way of creating full sized clouds that stay contained, and float as it would in the sky, in a room!

Nimbus II, 2012. Image via Probe

These images are surreal, aren’t they. They give off that quality when viewing them because of the seemingly impossible fact of having a cloud float indoors. In actual fact they are real clouds in an indoor environment with no trick photography involved! The masses of condensed water vapor were created by controlling the humidity and atmospheric pressure of the room.

And they resemble the white, fluffy cotton tail clouds we are used to gazing up at while lying on an open grassy field and not spooky wisps of white translucent matter that are often associated with unhappy spirits.

Nimbus, 2010. Images via Probe

While the installation is ephemeral and only lasts long enough for Smilde to photograph it at various angles, the photographs are done so that spectators are able to feel, to the full extent, as if they were walking through the room with a real cloud floating overhead.

You can watch a live presentation of the Nimbus II here.

Information for this article was taken from Probe

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    @jeffr my sentiments exactly.

  3. soundfoodaround
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    Do watch the video as at first it looks like smoke from a smoke machine but then stays suspended and becomes an awe-inspiring cloud as seen in the photographs.

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    it's magically

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