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We have received helpful tips from the community the past week, but one article stood out. Want to find out this week’s outstanding Tipster? Read on!

It’s quite difficult to choose only one article for Tipster of the Week, since we receive such wonderful submissions from the community. However, we give props to an outstanding article that stood out this week.

Credits: adam_g2000

The final rule of Lomography is perhaps the most important one, the one that free’s us from constraint and allows us to unleash our creativity. It’s emblazoned on the website and printed in bold in every book the LSI publishes. “10 › Don’t worry about any rules.”

Our Tipster for the Week goes to adam_g2000 for his article Shooting with Expired Film! You get 10 Piggies! The article was really informative, and I bet the community would agree when I say that the tips will help us on our future adventures with expired film.

Credits: adam_g2000

Do you want your article to be recognized as Tipster of the Week and earn 10 Piggies? Keep submitting your articles! Meanwhile, you can check our Requested Posts for March.

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