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This week’s featured lifestyle article is “Lost and Found: My Six-Year-Old Memories from Bristol Recovered.” All the way from Hungary, trychydts found some some forgotten black & white negatives and recently got the prints. The images of the suspension bridge are particularly moving. Read more to see the photos.

"Six years ago, I decided to shoot in Bristol with my Chinon 8M. This was my second visit to Bristol: this time I came decidedly to take a photographic tour with my best friend. Although I had much less experience then, I put a tremendous amount of energy to have some good photos. We were walking around the city 9-10 hours a day; I concentrated hard on every single frame I took. We spent five days there; since I did not want to pay for luggage, I had a single backpack, mostly full of photographic equipment.

When I came home, I never scanned the negatives."

Photos via trychydts

Read more from Lost and Found: My Six-Year-Old Memories from Bristol Recovered.

We picked this post by trychydts because, despite what he thinks, the images are actually quite beautiful, especially the architecture. It seems like the town was so quiet during his visit and his manner of shooting felt just as unobtrusive, complimenting his choice of black and white film.

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