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Another day, another set of locations articles to be published. We’ll be eternally grateful for the leaps and bounds that are dear lomographers go through just to capture their amazing travel memories in pictures but best of all, it is the effort that they put into sharing these photos (and the stories behind it) through thoughtful, sometimes funny, and amusing locations articles. Let’s see who was crowned today’s Article of the Week!

Credits: kneehigh85

In the bedroom…kneehigh85 has been one of our regular contributors here in lomography, especially in locations wherein she doesn’t let an opportunity pass by without capturing it on film. Always on the lookout for something new to share with her peers here in the lomography community, kneehigh85 proves that there’s always a story to be told about anyone, anyone – and everything.

Credits: kneehigh85

Submitted in time for the month of love and published in time for dawning of spring, kneehigh85's article proved to be a entertaining, inventive, and controversial (?!), read on to find out what makes her bedroom story extra special. Hint: “He had a conversation with a female friend of his about the best time to ask and where we should be and everything and she had told him “just do it when you are in her favourite place” so he did! And I think he picked really well!”

Credits: kneehigh85

Are you interested in being the next Article of the Week for Locations? Then start submitting your locations features now! Don’t forget this month’s requested posts for extra piggy points!

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