Hong Kong Through the Lens of Foreign Lomographers


We hope to share this series of photos with Hong Kong Lomographers. They made us realize that the place we call home is beautiful beyond our imagination!

This article is also dedicated to foreign Lomographers; kudos to you for documenting the most special, mysterious, luxurious, and sexy side of our beloved city! Whilst you are sharing this with your friends, we hope that we have a chance to meet when you next visit Hong Kong!

Credits: i_am_four-eyes, sanoja, 134340, ydpsh, scrabbyknees, dakadev_pui, shanti929, gocchin, stijn_b, eva_eva, lawypop, aloho, orangebird, ripsta & bluemie5

As for Hong Kong Lomographers, let’s Lomo On and snap more beautiful photos! Of course, don’t forget to upload them to your Lomohome through your lab. At the same time, remember to tag “Hong Kong” in the Country and City fields! Otherwise, we might not be able to find your masterpiece.

The Lomo LC-A+ is known worldwide for its amazing features: automatic exposure, extended ISO range, and multiple and long exposure capabilities. Get your own Lomo LC-A+ now!

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One Comment

  1. litleandi
    litleandi ·

    I love travelling to HK, but the photos shown here are amazing. Al the photographers mentioned have a great eye... Love it!!!

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