Spotted: Stuff Magazine Wrote a Nice Article about Analogue Cameras


In its latest issue, Stuff Magazine wrote a nice article about analogue photography called “Retro Chic” presenting the 70s and the changes made in the photography industry.

The UK edition of Stuff Magazine presented an article about the year 1973 and the changes made in the photography industry; moving from rangefinder cameras towards the SLRs.

A short brief about the launch of the Olympus Om-1, the camera that made the change and paved the way for SLRs inspiring today’s DSLRs.

A couple of reasons why to buy a Om-1 at that time: “Light, strong and capable of stunning results, the OM-1 shot Olympus to photo fame. It was packed with innovative features to reduce size and increase stability, making it a tech master that you can still appreciate today.”

“Thanks to their rugged build, OM-1s are often still mechanically sound and rated to 100.000 shutter actuations before starting to show the strain. The only electronic element on the cam is the lightmeter, so check it’s still working (it may just need a new battery)”.

Also, the Pen, Trip 35 and the XA with flash are featured in this article as the Top Four Olympus Champions.

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