East Malaysia, Sibu: The Heart of Sarawak


Sibu is a place like no other. One of the main cities in Sarawak, once a favored small town of the white rajah of Sarawak, Rajah Brooke as it controlled all the activities of central region. In history textbooks, it states how the locals lead by Rosli Dhobi stood up and fought against the British. Sibu is where history and different cultures mix together into one.

The symbol of Sibu, the Swan

Sibu can be called as the “heart of Sarawak”, which is situated in East Malaysia. It can be called so because it’s situated in the center of Sarawak, connecting the West and the East. It was a busy small town back in the 20th century. Sibu had been the transit place for those who’re on their journey from east to west and vice versa. It is also famous for the mighty Rajang River, which is the longest in Malaysia. As it is situated near the mouth of Rajang River, it becomes the gateway to the upper part of Rajang River.

A bird’s eye view of Sibu.

Sibu is dominated by Chinese people especially Foochows. The first Foochow leader who came as an immigrant and opened the settlement for the Foochows was Wong Nai Siong. However, there are still other races living in Sibu including Malays, Melanaus, Ibans, and Bidayuhs (just to name a few). As it’s dominated by the Foochows, a nickname has been given to Sibu, which is the ‘New Foochow’. As different races living together, you can see different cultures blend into one.

Sibu has its own airport and it is reachable by air from Peninsular Malaysia. It will take around 1 hour and 55 minutes by plane. Once landed, Sibu, which is also known as ‘The Swan City’ will welcome you with green environment before you reach the city centre. There are still plenty of trees untouched unlike other cities.

Sibu which is still green

What’s so special about Sibu? I was born in Sibu and I found Sibu has its own specialty – the food, the people and the surroundings. Sibu is very famous for its Kampua mee and Kompia, which are Chinese food. And for Malays, you can find laksa sarawak or mee kolok. Not to be forgotten is Manok Pansuh (chicken which are cooked inside a bamboo), a famous Iban-ese traditional food.

Sibu has the largerst town square in Malaysia and sitting next to it is the tallest buildings in Sarawak, Wisma Sanyan. Sibu also boasts of the largest wet market in Malaysia. All of them are the main tourist attractions in Sibu together with Bukit Aup and Sibu Heritage Centre.

The tallest building in Sarawak

The view at Bukit Aup

The Sibu Town Square

Sibu wet market

Sibu Heritage Centre

For me who like taking pictures and took up lomography as my hobby, I found out that Sibu is very suitable for street photography/lomography.

I hope this article will promote my hometown to the world; and to those interested to come to Sibu, you are very much welcome and I recommend a new tourist attraction, which is the Pandaw Cruise that will bring you to the mighty Rajang River. :)

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    thanks @hxloon, @foodeanzm @uncle_jay :)

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    You are most welcome, thank you for sharing.

  3. cutebun
    cutebun ·

    I would love to visit Sibu again! Was there during the Chinese New Year for the first time and still got lots of spot I've not went to!

  4. haziqhashim
    haziqhashim ·

    Thanks guys. @cutebun yeah, i think sibu is "alive" during Chinese New Year, with chinese as the majority, i can say that maybe sibu is like little hong kong. all reds here and there plus it's really happening with the fireworks :)

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    looking good! :D

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    Awesome! :))

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    Awesome! :))

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    thanks @eva_eva you should come to sibu one day :) and thanks to @nabilah_jb too :) cheers

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    @haziqhashim I'll definitely go again with my friends next time! Got a few friends there, maybe someday we can meet up too!

  10. haziqhashim
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    @cutebun sure :) but this few years maybe i'm not always been in sibu because currenly studying in jakarta. who knows when i go back and we can meet up. plus my mom is from kch. would like to join lomo outing if there are any

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    rndu aku ngn sibu..dlk ku prnh diam kat sibu sjap..sup power jibaw lpk ko mentions dlm article kau..hehe..

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    @shah_zurain cne diam dolok? aok oh. lupak ndah. lamak dh x ngagak sup power sia

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    @shah_zurain x jauh dgn rumah kmk la. kmk rah jalan kaka. belakang perumahan kastam.

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    I live in Sibu as well.. Thanks @haziqhashim for giving me the idea to lomofi Sibu.. :)

  16. haziqhashim
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    hi @wilarbadson u're welcome. that's cool. who knows next time we can meet up and shoot around sibu :)

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    @haziqhashim yeah..that sounds great! :)

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