Rollinsford A Little Place with a Lot of Soul

2009-07-08 6

Rollinsford is a small town with tons of things to photograph and more crumbling barns than you can shake a stick at.

In the tiny state of New Hampshire, there is an almost nonexistent town known as Rollinsford. In fact, it is so small and irrelevant that if you ask people from New Hampshire’s southeast area, many wouldn’t know the whereabouts of Rollinsford. But little do they know that good ol’ Rollywood is a photographer’s heaven.

Rollinsford was settled around the early 1630s, making it one of the earliest towns in New Hampshire and even more importantly, one of the earliest towns in America. Rollywood was settled right along the Salmon Falls River with the hopes of building a mill there in the feature. In 1822 the mills were built along the river in what still is Rollinsford’s downtown. Sadly a fire 12 years later burned down the original building but was later completely rebuilt in the late 1840s.

Over the years, Rollinsford hasn’t changed much. The downtown is nearly non-existent, the mills are still slowly crumbling, and almost nobody in the town takes care of many barns spread throughout the town. I love to photograph old broken down things and for anybody who is like me, Rollinsford will the only place you’ll want to take pictures in for a long time. The Salmon Falls River is full of light rapids where water gracefully cascades over protruding rocks which makes for creamy long exposures. And possibly the best part about Rollinsford is that everything is bike ride or even walking distance from one other.

Only a short bike ride away from the Downtown area is the part of the town where I live. With a short stroll across route 4, you will find the fields are Rollinsford. I have found these fields a great place for photos. These fields contain thousands of acres of land and contain everything from random isolated trees to roaming cows and almost completely consume its side of Rollinsford. Must I mention once again the abundance of barns that inhabit the area?

So come on down sometime with some film to shoot and have a great time. Come and visit out quaint little café, take a jaunt into our launder mat, spend a few hours wandering in the mills, take a drive to the colossal fields, and you’ll have plenty rolls filled with great photos guarantied.

NOTE: In most Lomocations, they ask to pick a certain location of a city or town. I had trouble with this because Rollinsford is as big as most spots that are chosen in most Lomocations. So in my review, the whole town is included

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  1. stouf
    stouf ·

    Whooo the redscales are awesome ! And the reversed x-pro is amazing !!!

  2. disdis
    disdis ·

    Great gallery!

  3. rater
    rater ·

    Nice gallery!

  4. d_i_hunter
    d_i_hunter ·

    Looks great! No 18 is wild!

  5. vicuna
    vicuna ·

    Love the square shots a lot and there are some very beautiful blurry poetic shots! :)

  6. seesalmonfalls
    seesalmonfalls ·

    You're right, Rollinsford does have a lot of soul and natural beauty. Your photos are mesmerizing, but as a resident of this wonderful little town, the portrait of Rollinsford that you have painted is somewhat inaccurate. The downtown is certainly not "non-existent." There is a lot more than meets the eye here, and some unique things you won't find in Dover or Portsmouth. The "upper" mill in Rollinsford has actually been restored and turned into 4 floors of acclaimed artist studios. Twice a year they have an "open house" which offers a much wider and more interesting selection of art than you'll ever find in other parts of NH. Here is their website:
    Across the street is a wonderful new bead shop, two cafes and also Doodlebugz Studio, where anyone can decorate and paint an amazing assortment of utilitarian or decorative pottery themselves, or create a beautiful piece of stained glass that is melted in the kiln. This is great for kids or entire families. My wife and I go there often. In the "lower" mill is the new town library, a dance studio, the delicious Fig Tree Cafe and a nice print shop.
    Rollinsford also boasts some on the finest arable land, pasture, and woods in our state. Viels Farm on Roberts Road offers amazing sweet corn and other produce and on Sligo Road Brookford Farm offers fresh milk straight from their cows! Don't forget Wentworth Greenhouse which is definitely one of the very best in New England if you are looking to spruce up your garden or yard with flowers or shrubs. This "sleepy" little town is really starting to thrive again.

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