The Best Nepalese/Indian Eatery in Seoul!

Everest is a foodie’s must-visit in Seoul. Known not only for its delicious Nepalese/Indian food but also for naan bread the size of your head! When you’re already overloaded with delicious Korean BBQ and stews, and want to tempt your palate with something different, head to Everest in downtown Seoul.

Established in 2002, Everest was one of the first restaurants for South Asian cuisine in Seoul. It has been serving customers with the delicious taste of Nepalese, Indian, and Tibetan delicacies ever since!

When you enter the restaurant, senses are immediately flooded not only with the wonderful smells of what’s cooking within but also with the ethnic charm of the décor. Beautiful lanterns, prayer flags, and golden sculptures hang on the walls.

Mini elephants, Indian Gods, and Buddha stare right back at you as you smile with delight. You wait to be seated by selections of incense, photos, and postcards from Nepal waiting patiently on the shelf for you to buy on your way out.

But you came here for the food, and the food is what makes this place a cut above the other Indian/Nepalese restaurants in town. The food is full of flavor, perfectly seasoned, and comes in just the right quantity for sharing. The menu boasts of over 40 dishes with at least half vegetarian! As vegetarians, my husband and I can’t really get enough of this place. The curries are great and the kormas divine, my favorite has to be the malai kofta and the palak panir! The naan a must and it’s size – bigger than your head! But of course you have to try it ALL!

Prices are excellent and range from KRW6-8,000 for a main dish, KRW2,500 for garlic Naan (definitely a must!), compared to other Indian restaurants in Seoul, where you would have to shell out at least KRW25,000 for a main and a drink, you can complete stuff yourself at Everest for KRW15,000.

Open from 11am to 11pm everyday.
Everest is located near exit 1 of Dongdaemun Station (subway line1).
From exit 1, walk straight and take the first street left (there is a pharmacy on the corner). Everest is on the second floor of a building on the right side of the street 10-20 meters on that small street.
02 766 8850

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