The Lomo Hipshot Showdown - An Urge To Move Winners Announcement


We surely are in the move in announcing this week’s winner for our Lomo Hipshot Showdown!

For we received 300 plus submissions in this ever active competition! Sure is something, eh? Which tells that we Lomographers are always on the go, looking for action and for interesting subjects to Lomograph.

The Community surely had a hard time choosing over the amazing Lomographs submitted! But we had to make that decision.

And with that, here’s the Jury’s competition winner, a photo from uptv which shows how on the go photographers are! A man on a bicycle holding a camera with another photographer beside him doing what else, capturing a moment in beautiful analogue! Congratulations, you just earned 15 piggies!

Credits: uptv

And here’s what our Community picked, a photo from javihacefotos who sure was on the move before the train arrived! For all your efforts, you’ll receive a very special badge!

Congratulations to the both of you and we hope to see more of your photos in the next Lomo Hipshot Showdown! Here are more submitted photos as they are too pretty to pass. Enjoy!

Credits: aprilrich427, stitch, bloomchen, natalieerachel, scrabbyknees, kimo, daitita, rancliffhasenza, rjk_89, lakandula, life_on_mars, kneehigh85, panzergirl, inkkl & adamo-75

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