Dear Diana, You Are Charming In Your Uncertainty


It may seem strange to write a letter to someone who is with me every day—even more so, a camera. However, I felt that important and personal matters are best to be told in pen and paper, especially if you’re not the talkative type. Here’s my letter to Diana.

I love you from the first day I experienced how wonderfully you can transform what I see. Every single moment in life is unique. While there are other so-called, “professional” cameras, you preseve them in a unique way. Your charming uncertainty ensures that no one be able to make the same photo twice. And this unique way is a beautiful way — the gentle, soft contours of your pictures are comparable to no one else.

Credits: trychydts

Although at first sight most people laugh at you and keep asking me why can’t I use a “real” camera, we both know better. We know perfectly well that most of them is going to be amazed a few days later, when they look at our photos. Remember that bride whose dress rehearsal we attended a few weeks ago? She was smiling when I introduced you to her. Now it seems that we are invited to take some genuine Diana-style photos at the wedding. It is also possible that the photo they put on the invitation will be one of ours. This what you bring out of other people.

That’s why I think our mutual adventures during the spring will be a great success. Even though I still have a lot to learn about you. When we got together at the design fair, you looked so innocent, so simple. Since then, I learned that you are much more versatile than you look. Especially with your wonderful accessories of yours, you know not the impossible. Of course, I have to get accustomed to this — but I am quite certain that if we spend enough time together, I will be able to believe that the fantastic possibilities you promise are real.

Credits: trychydts

As you know, we do have some nice plans for the near future. I count on you help. Now I have to go — I have some preparations to make.

I love you and I always will.


Budapest, 8th of March, 2012

written by trychydts on 2012-03-09 #lifestyle #handwriting-letter-diana-personal-story-dear


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