Make Your Own Ringflash Gels


A quick guide to making gels for a Ringflash and for Fritz the Blitz too. It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3!

If, like me, you’re a twit and happen to lose your Ringflash gels then you might be interested in making your own replacements. Its quite simple really. if you have one or two left you can use them as templates as I did, or alternatively a bit of trial and error with paper templates will help you achieve the same out come.

To do this you will need to visit the internet, or preferably your local art shop to pick up some coloured acetates. I went with the basics of red, blue, orange and green, which is enough to mix and match to make most other colour.

The main part of this tipster item is to cover the gels for the Ringflash, however I had a quick experiment with Fritz the Blitz too.

Using the existing gels (or paper) as template, trace round them onto the acetate. Keep them nice and close to minimize wastage and cutting time. You might need to trim around the gels you make to get a good fit. And thats it. Enjoy your new gels, and try not lose them.

The Lomography Ringflash is the most amazing electronic flash you’ll ever encounter. It completely surrounds your lens and throws a burst of perfectly even light onto your subject. Don’t wait to experience this – get your own at the Shop now!

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  1. hypnotiza
    hypnotiza ·

    Another way to make gels: Buy some YUPO and color it with Sharpies. Worked for me on the Diana F+ flash, and they should work just as well on the ring flash.

  2. mrfunkyman
    mrfunkyman ·

    What's YUPO?

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