5 Questions on Analogue Photography with Robin Rimbaud AKA Scanner

In this new and ongoing series, we have selected some of the most enthusiastic film photography fanatics and asked them 5 simple questions that gives us an insight into their passion for all things analogue. We also get to see some of their own photographs. Today, we talk to Robin Rimbaud AKA Scanner.

Name: Robin Rimbaud
Occupation: Musician
Country: UK

1. Tell us about yourself in three sentences maximum.

I’m a hyperactive spirit who divides his time creating works using sound, image, movement and words, around the globe. My diverse body of work includes soundtracks for films, performances, radio, dance, theatre and site-specific intermedia installations. I am committed to all creative possibilities, having recently collaborated with Bryan Ferry, Wayne MacGregor, Laurie Anderson, Hussein Chalayan, and Philips Design.

Photos by Robin Rimbaud

2. Why do you still shoot analogue?

I like risk taking in my work and the impossibility of not knowing how an image will develop combined with the very physicality of the medium draws me back to analogue photography. It also inevitably offers a form of time-travel, constantly reassuring me of the real, the possible, the tangible.

3. What photographic equipment (cameras, films, and accessories) do you usually have in your bag?

I carry a Holga camera with spare back up film in my bag, as well as a Blackbird Fly camera, and some essential tape to ensure that light leaks are kept to a minimum.

4. Share a trick of yours that will always result to a great photo.

Photographing corners of buildings, edges of architecture inevitably lead to a beautiful composed balance of sky and brick.

Photos by Robin Rimbaud

5. What photographers influence your work?

I have been a long time admirer of Stephen Shore, as well as modern artists like Ori Gersht and Bridget Smith.

Thanks for taking the time to answer these questions, Robin!

You can view more of Robin's photos on his Flickr site and you can check out his musical projects by clicking the links below:

Scanner official website
Scanner greenbag website

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