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The Lomography Community is a place in which we share not only our analogue photos but also our thoughts, interests, and talents.

It is a Community that welcomes all kinds of people not judging by gender or race – and that’s what makes this society a truly welcoming and creative one!

Just like our Community LomoAmigo for this week, Mary who we all know as troch. A woman who does not only take analogue photos but also shows the world her talent when it comes to the ever wonderful skill. Who would have thought that this woman is also a cowgirl who braves the dangerous rodeo dominated by bulls and men?

Come and read Mary’s story as she tells us about it!

Full Name: Mary Burgoyne
Lomography Username: troch
Location: Earl’s Cove, British Columbia, Canada

Tell us about yourself. What do you do for a living? What are your interests?

I am the Director of Operations for the College of Midwives of British Columbia during the day. My main interests are photography and art but I also enjoy reading (sci-fi / fantasy / mystery) and enjoy a wide range of music, film, and hiking. I have also exhibited my photography as troch since the early 1970’s.

How long have you been a Lomographer and how did you find out about the Community?

I joined Lomography in March 7, 2007. I have been searching for information about Holga cameras and came across the website. It sounded like fun, since I have been a dedicated analogue photographer since about 1969.

Credits: troch

What are the Lomographic Cameras that you own and what is your favorite?

Gosh, there are so many. These are the ones that LSI sells: Diana F+, Diana F+ Parisian, Diana Mini, Lomography Sprocket Rocket, Holga 120N (5 or 6 of them), Holga Pinhole, Holga WPC, Fisheye #2, La Sardina Sea Pride, La Sardina Coyote and a Lubitel 166 Moscow Olympic version. I also shoot quite regularly with Smena 8M, Black Slim Devil and Blackbird Fly, not to mention all of my vintage cameras and a growing collection of pinhole cameras. I don’t think it is any secret that the Holga 120N is still my favourite plastic camera.

Any funny or strange encounters you’ve had with analogue photography?

I was out shooting with the Holga WPC in Vancouver last December when I was approached by a couple walking along the beach. She was very interested in my cameras (I had several others including the Sprocket Rocket and Diana F+ with 35mm back plus the Fisheye lens with me) and proceeded to do an impromptu interview with me on the spot, taking it on her smart phone. Turns out she is an on camera coach with a video blog (although I haven’t seen anything come of the interview.)

Tell us something about this album, My Second Career in Photography

This album is a compilation of several years of travel on both the professional circuit, known at the time as the Canadian Rodeo Cowboys Association and the “all girls” circuit know as the Canadian Girls Rodeo Association. I tried for a mix of the two circuits, indoor and outdoor venues in both color and black and white. I spent about 5 years working the rodeo circuit and shot a lot of film during that time. I was looking through some old negative files and decided to share. The shots are not necessarily my best, but rather some of my favourites with an attempt to show both the events and the pageantry involved with Canadian rodeos.

Credits: troch

How did you get into Canadian Rodeo?

Serendipity. I had listed with the job bank at the end of my first year in Journalism studies. I didn’t get a summer job out of it but the Canadian Rodeo Cowboys Association called me in the middle of August looking for someone to edit their newspaper part time yet all-year long. I grew up in the country going to rodeos and thought it sounded like fun. I applied and got the job, the only one I ever held using my journalism credentials.

Credits: troch

Why Rodeo Photography despite the many other fields of photography out there?

Well, mainly because it was my job. I focused on sports and action photography when I took my photojournalism option and so I was already familiar with taking action shots under available light. It was also a great way to make a little extra money as you could always sell good shots to the cowboys/cowgirls or their families.

Kindly share to us your favorite shot from this album and tell us the story behind it.

This photo is one of my all time favourites. The rodeo organizers had been reluctant to let me shoot from inside the ring with the bulls, apparently feeling that women were more likely to get hurt than men I guess. But after much reassurance on my part that I was familiar with the rodeo ring and physically able to look after myself, they relented. This is a classic bull riding shot, the bull is completely off the ground and the rider in good shape. I like that the bull is looking at me.

Credits: troch

Any memorable experiences you’ve had while shooting this set of pictures?

Anything memorable might result in lawsuits! Just joking. I very much enjoyed my time working with the rodeo contestants. The cowboys and cowgirls were generally down to earth people who were deeply committed to the western way of life, which included sharing anything you needed.

What advice can you give to other Lomographers out there?

The best advice I can give other Lomographers is just to have fun and ask questions. I have not yet encountered anyone on the site who isn’t willing to share advice and knowledge. So keep shooting!

Browse on more photos by troch in our gallery below. Enjoy!

Credits: troch

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