Her Majesty's Explorer - The First Steampunk Bedtime Story

It may be so that our little ones will grow up in an even more hyper digitized world than most of us, but author Emilie P. Bush and others in the Steampunk community are attempting to rework those rusting cogs to turn back the clock to that era of peace and prosperity known as the Victorian era.

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With all the steampunk literature out there, that cater mainly to adults and even adolescents, “Her Majesty’s Explorer” has made history as being the first steampunk bedtime story! Also it’s a picture book whereas most other literary works in the steampunk genre are only text or text heavy. We love that we can introduce this book with the label “The World’s First…” as it draws reference to the numerous innovations that came about during the Victorian era. And while this book, if displayed at the first world’s fair at the Crystal Palace in London, wouldn’t have been seen as something special as it would have depicted an alternate present day, it’s contents are special to us in the 21st century.

The bedtime story was released last week and we, as an analogue community, are glad to know it’s taken the top spot on Amazon’s “Hot New Releases”!

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The book’s plot revolves around the adventures of automaton St. John Murphy Alexander and his sidekick Steamduck, both of whom you can see above. And while Steamduck sure ain’t a squishy rubber ducky, we’re sure it won’t prevent kids from wanting to cosy up in bed to the two mechanical heroes!

Information for this article was taken from KETV.

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