Super Sneak Peek! Lomography Gallery Store Bangkok Opens Tomorrow!


Only one night’s sleep to go! The very first Lomography Gallery Store in Thailand will have its grand opening in Siam Discovery, Bangkok tomorrow! We can’t contain our excitement so, as I have promised you, here’s a super exclusive surprise update! Click to see some top secret store photos!

One of the coolest Lomography events of 2012 is going to happen tomorrow! We’re 90% done with the store and here are never-befoe-seen images just for you! Don’t blink or it will pass you by!

This humongous sign will make sure you don’t get lost!

Do you see that colossal Lomowall?

Neon Lomography cameras!

Lomography galore!

Time to get shopping and fill up these bags!

Smart Lomography display and shelving!

Almost like an exhibit more than a store right?

Another golden rule of Lomography.

Light is the most important component of Lomography so we made sure have lots of it!

See? No one can give you a super sneak peek like us! We hope everything will be 100% smooth for opening day tomorrow, only the coolest Lomography event in Thailand! We want it to be perfect just for you so you better not miss it!

Meet us at the 4th Floor of Siam Discovery, 6 P.M. onwards. Come earlier to take part in surprise activities. We’ll tell you about one: a historical shoot of 200 Lomographers in front of Siam Discovery at 5 P.M. before the official grand opening. So if you love Lomography, be there or be square! And not in a cool Diana kind of way. ;-)

See you tomorrow!

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