Fire Woman and Man with B Setting and Some Light Sticks


Making your friends and family burn up is easier and safer than you think.

So if you want to see a shadow burning then basically all you do is follow these easy steps.

  1. Set up your camera on a tripod pointed towards a wall.
  2. Turn all the lights off and make your room dark as heck.
  3. Open your camera shutter and just leave it open. Any lomo cam with a B setting will do, I think the La Sardina with a locking cable release is heaven for this.
  4. Then you use a flash to fire off two or three times behind the subject while the subject remains still. This is what gives you the outline of the person.
  5. Now you use red glowsticks and portable EL wires (you can buy them both online easily) to move them about in roughly the area of the outline as best as you remember it. Don’t worry if you go “outside the lines” because you overexposed the wall so hard that it isn’t really a worry.
  6. Then you go and shut the lens and advance the film.

Easy, fun, and firey.

written by kylethefrench on 2012-04-16 #gear #tutorials #art #long-exposure #tutorial #toys #tipster #led #b-setting #light-writing #fiberoptic #select-type-of-tipster #select-what-this-tipster-is-about #el-wires

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