Super Selfies: Portraits That Tell a Story

On a night with friends, home alone or on holidays, a self-portrait is always a self-portrait. Read on for stories on my self-portraits.

All self-portraits tell a story. I usually like to photograph everything except me. But I also have some self portraits like all of us. Looking trough my pictures, I found some funny self-portraits. Some from a long night of beer with freinds.The night was fantastic, the music was good, the company spectacular and beer at the right point, fresh as it should be .

I also found self-portraits on holiday, some with my wife on the beach , or during a visit to her hometown university in Chernivtsy , Ukraine.

During the time we spend in Chernivtsy, I also made some self-portraits with friends, while someone was driving the car, I had some fun shooting.

I also found accidental self-portraits in which you are testing a camera and shoot with it facing you. It is funny when you see the photos and think “I don´t remember doing that”.

And what about when you’re home and you remember playing with the camera.

This one story I have, a friend asked me to take care of her daughter for a few hours. It was a warm spring day and I took the litle girl to the park. She was playing and I was shooting with the Fisheye (for me, the best for self-portraits).

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