Doubles in the Fishbowl: Make Your Film Swim!


As good Lomographers, we have this tingling feeling that makes us want to try unexpected techniques and get surprising results. This is the chance you’ve been waiting for. We present to you The Fishbowl! Learn all the details by reading more.

Surely you’re already familiar with the term double exposure, multiple exposure or maybe you’ve seen the projects we’ve had such as Doubles Spain vs. Thailand: Don't think, just double shoot and Doubles Spain vs. Chile: Uniting hemispheres. But in case you haven’t, a double exposure consists of shooting more than one photo in the same frame, superimposing two layers of images so that they merge and you get a result that’s unexpected, unique and unrepeatable.

What we propose in this initiative is that you shoot your film with the first exposures. In every Lomography Embassy, we’ll have fishbowls for you to deposit your film in and by doing so, you have the right to take another one that’s already been exposed by another Lomographer and shoot the second exposures!

Some information to keep in mind

  • To be able to take film out of the fishbowl, it’s essential that you leave one of yours in as this is an exchange
  • 35mm or 120 color negative or slide film (you need to rewind the 120 film in the dark, it’s easier to do so if in the 12th picture you go into a dark room and rewind).
  • It’s very important to underexpose one step, this means that if your film is ISO 100 you have to shoot it as if it was ISO 200, this way both images will have the same importance.
  • In the 35mm format, always try to mark the sprocket in which you loaded the film, so that the frames begin in the same place (the lab will be grateful).
  • The person who shoots the film first must label it with their Lomohome and the camera model with which they been shot.
  • Having the Lomohome of the person who first shot the film, you can leave them a message when you’ve developed the film. It’s a kind gesture and that way, they can see the results of their doubles. Remember they’re as much yours as they are his.
  • Tag your album with “Doubles in the Fishbowl” or “dobles en la pecera” so it’s easy to search pictures that have been the outcome of this initiative.
  • The limit of exchange in the fishbowl is subject to the number of film that’s inside. In case there are none, you’ll simply have to wait.

It’s that easy! Get your hands on a camera, shoot and exchange!

Tips from iaki to achieve a good filmswap.
Tips from atria007 to achieve a good filmswap

This fishbowls are available in our three Lomography Gallery Stores in Spain:

Lomography Gallery Store Argensola Madrid
Lomography Gallery Store Echegaray Madrid
Lomography Gallery Store Barcelona

Don’t live close to a Lomography Gallery Store?
No worries! Send us your film by mail to any of our stores and an innocent man will take care of choosing the one that will be sent back to you.

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  1. carlota_nonnumquam
    carlota_nonnumquam ·

    So cool! I wish every Lomography Embassy in the world did this and not just in Spain!

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