Intricate Henna Tattoos by Humna Mustafa

The exhibition “A Thread, A Web, A World” is a collaboration between the award-winning henna artist Humna Mustafa and photographer Mandi Whitten. Based in Adelaide, Australia, Humna also designs and produces henna crafts, each handmade with hands likely decorated in henna!

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The photos show henna across cultures. There are 23 photos total that comprise the exhibit which took over five months to achieve. The first one in the gallery is of photographer Mandi Whitten’s hands painted by Humna.

The patterns come from all parts of South Asia and is deep rooted in the old traditions of these cultures that have carried on to this day. As stated on Humna’s website Henna Craft “It’s tradition brings people together in an experience of sharing and giving, bonding them through the patterns of henna”. While henna can be found at school fairs and even administerable by one’s self at home, it has a long history as being used ceremoniously.

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For marriages, people would mark the occasion by laboriously adorning the bride with henna. A modern sprucing up of the intricate Bridal Mehndi is the sprinkling of glitter on top of the drying henna designs.

Credits: bellasullivan

So Lomographers, to add to this wonderful gallery of images we want you to share your own tattoo photos, whether they be henna based or not! I’ve already come across some images, like the one above, and am sure more are out there with interesting stories behind them!

This article was inspired by this Lost At E Minor post.

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