Most Popular LomoKino Movies of February 2012


It seems just like yesterday when we had our LomoKino Oscars for our Most Popular LomoKino Movies January 2012, right?

But we will never get tired for here we are again in our monthly recap of lovely analogue movies! The LomoKino surely is something since it is highly visible that our movies just get better every time.

So what are we waiting for? Here are the most liked and commented LomoKino movies for February 2012. Enjoy!

Shadow Play by maria_vlachou
Black Cat - A LomoKino Movie by The Broken Hearts DJs
✘ Vimeo:<figcaption>"Snailing in Love by reneg88":</figcaption>
✘ Vimeo:<figcaption>"Different Kinds of Love by undiscovered":</figcaption>
TRAILER Love Will Tear Us Apart by undiscovered
Littleploggo Meets LomoKino by tomkiddo
The Museum by maria_vlachou
Dancing Seagulls by shoujoai
Flower Power by frauspatzi
Nam Nam by sye
Back & Forth by mikahsupageek
SCOTOMA by istionojr
The Lost Heart of the Ghost Lady by freakoftheweek
✘ Vimeo:<figcaption>"The Boy Who Looks For Love by reneg88":</figcaption>
Hairy Harry the Film Collector by shoujoai

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One Comment

  1. pollyarts
    pollyarts ·

    Whoa... what a lineup. Shadow Play is especially entrancing.

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