Lost and Found: My Six-Year-Old Memories from Bristol Recovered


While unpacking my last boxes from a move, I found a small plastic bag full of cut scratched negatives. I found my long lost photos from Bristol from years ago! It was like travelling back in time, very nostalgic. Here are the aged photos from my photographic tour of the port.

Six years ago, I decided to shoot in Bristol with my Chinon 8M. This was my second visit to Bristol: this time I came decidedly to take a photographic tour with my best friend. Although I had much less experience then, I put a tremendous amount of energy to have some good photos. We were walking around the city 9-10 hours a day; I concentrated hard on every single frame I took. We spent five days there; since I did not want to pay for luggage, I had a single backpack, mostly full of photographic equipment.

When I came home, I never scanned the negatives.

First, I was exhausted. I did too much energy into the first half of the project. I was not able to touch my camera for weeks; when I closed my eyes, I imagined to see the outlines of my viewfinder. Luckily I had the momentum to develop the negatives, I even cut them up, but the idea to scan them was far from appealing. Second, my life took several drastic changes. A new love came to my life, I lost the access to the film scanner I used before; I moved to another flat, and packed away the films… somewhere. I was not able to find them.

Then six years later, during another move, I found the small plastic bag with the scratched negatives. And what a coincidence: I just started Lomography, and I was just about to invest into a film scanner. I spent a few nights with putting them into digital form — and I travelled back in time.

Truth to be told: most of the photos are very, very far from good. However, when looking at them, I can feel the enthusiasm again, what I felt to Bristol back then. Bristol is a port, at the mouth of the Avon. To avoid the effects of the tide, they constructed a so-called floating harbor, with locks and canals, and some nice looking bridges. These beautiful pieces of engineering really touched me — even though normally I am not really interested in this kind of stuff.

My other main interest in Bristol was the Suspension Bridge. It was built around the time when the most famous bridge in Budapest was also built. I kept comparing the two; not that the Suspension Bridge is not a magnificent structure in itself.

Looking through the photos I decided I want to go back. I want to walk the Bristol streets again. I want feel the fragrance of the Avon. I want to revisit the old cemetery. I want to wake up to the squeaking of gulls again.

And this time, I will scan my negatives just after I come back.

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written by trychydts on 2012-03-07 #lifestyle #black-and-white #analogue-photography #bristol #photowalk #lost-and-found #photo-tour

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  1. ginny
    ginny ·

    I spent two weeks in Bristol with my best friend last summer. We had so much fun and I wish I could go back when I see your pictures!

  2. carlota_nonnumquam
    carlota_nonnumquam ·

    Found film is the best! I found two rolls of film I had shot 6 years ago and hadn't developed and I can totally relate to what you say: you get all the memories back and it feels really nice to revisit things :)

  3. carlota_nonnumquam
    carlota_nonnumquam ·

    Congratulations on winning lifestyle article of the week! :)

  4. trychydts
    trychydts ·

    Thanks! :)

  5. halamoodie
    halamoodie ·

    Wonderful! You've captured my hometown beautifully!
    Congrats on winning your piggies! :D

  6. trychydts
    trychydts ·

    Thanks -- it is good to hear it from someone who knows the place so well!

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