Flashbacks on Film: Elliott Erwitt and Dogs


Elliott Erwitt is a documentary photographer who shoots unique and bizarre situations. He is also a dog lover, which is evident in some of his photos. Learn more about one of his most iconic dog photos on this edition of Flashbacks on Film.

Photo © Elliot Erwitt via Iconic Photos

Elliott Erwitt is known for his street photography photos. He also has an affinity for dogs and this is shown in most of his photos. In fact, of the 21 books that he released, 4 of them are dedicated to dogs alone – Dog Dogs, To the Dogs, Son of Bitch, and Woof. He takes photos of the dogs as he travels to different locations. It’s interesting to see the images that come out. The photo above shows one of his most iconic photos – a dog, the legs of another dog, and the legs of a human. The photo was taken in New York City in 1974.

Elliott Erwitt has taken hundreds of dog photographs over the years. His street photography style can clearly be seen on each of the photos. Even the most ordinary things that a dog does turn extraordinary in his hands. Many of his works are capable of evoking emotion from viewers. Mostly, viewers see his dog photos as something refreshing and uplifting, even to those who are not dog lovers. View a few more dog photos shot by Elliott Erwitt on the gallery below.

Photos © Elliot Erwitt via Ruguru

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