Expired Agfa Vista 200: Bullets of Choice

Here’s a short review of what is the best expired film in Lomography Store, the Agfa Vista 200 Color negative film expired 4 years ago. It’s the best color negative film that gives the effect of a Cross-Processed slide film.

Photo via Lomography Shop

The Agfa Vista 200 is probably one of the first expired films I tried. I bought about 2 rolls from our Lomography Store and couldn’t wait to try it. It brings about same results as a cross-processed film, with those blue tones and saturated colors that gives a feeling of pride to be a lomographer and to shoot film.

Given the fact that this is an expired film, it’s perfectly stored in your Lomographic freezers. If you won’t shoot it immediately, I suggest to store it as well in a freezer and before you decide to use one roll of expired Agfa Vista 200 film, you have to keep it for a couple of hours at room temperature (but don’t place it next to heaters).

It’s rated as a 200 ISO film, so I shot and developed it as a 200 ISO film. I didn’t have any problems with developing or scanning it. The effect was the same with a cross-processed Agfa CT Precisa. I think it deserves every cent and I’ll soon buy more of it.

It’s a beautiful thing to shoot expired film but you can’t rely on eBay to buy one. When you buy one from a Lomography Store, you can be sure to get a perfectly well-stored film.

The AgfaPhoto Vista 200 35mm delivers bright, bold, contrasty colours every single time. See the whole range of colour negatives in our Shop.

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