Trying Out Expired Agfa Vista 200

As part of Lomography’s Halloween ‘Trick or Treat’ on Twitter, I received an expired roll of Agfa Vista 200 film as my ‘treat’ which I decided to use with my ‘new to me at the time’ Olympus Trip 35. I couldn’t have asked for better results.

Considering that I used this film on a misty and dull day, in a camera that I was still testing, I didn’t expect amazing results. I’d only used one expired film prior to this. Combined with the weather and the light meant I was very pleasantly surprised by my results.

The results are crisp, with a nice balance of soft tones and bright colours which I didn’t expect. The light in them is so soft it’s almost hazy and the contrasts within the photos are exciting and dynamic, giving a movement to the photos that I didn’t expect.

Unlike the other expired film that I had used before, this film also produced some unexpected results which I was really pleased with. The light seems to have created tones, gradients and colours that look like fire which I just love, they give the photos warmth that definitely wasn’t there on the day as well as creating something fun.

The more I use expired film, the more I love it – the results seem muted in comparison to in date films, yet the contrasts seem more exciting somehow as if there is more variation between the tones and the contrasts than you can actually see when taking the photo.

This film is available in the Lomography Shop and I definitely wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it to anyone, I loved the results.

The AgfaPhoto Vista 200 35mm delivers bright, bold, contrasty colours every single time. See the whole range of colour negatives in our Shop.

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