Old's Cool Old School: Vintage Diana Cameras


Check out this super sweet collection of vintage Diana cameras! We found 35 retro reincarnations of the medium-format plastic camera from the ‘60s and ’70s so we’re sharing the treasure trove with you. Time to scout your own attic for one, or buy a brandspankin’ new Diana F+ from our Lomography Shop!

Photos via Retronaut

According to Retronaut:

“In Spring 2007, Lomography acquired the incredible Detrich collection of Diana cameras and its clones from the 60’s and 70’s.”

Photos via Retronaut

Allan Detrich accumulated these photographic playthings over many years and many eBay bids so this is truly a rare and massive loot!

Photos via Retronaut

Can you believe that back then, the Diana and its many incarnations were novelty gift items just given away at carnivals, fairs, and events? With the adorable packaging that’s undeniably retro, I don’t see how anyone could resist. Especially if it’s free!

Photos via Retronaut

Don’t forget that inside those pretty boxes are equally irresistible toy cameras that take dreamy and artsy photos. Who wouldn’t be delighted to receive a Diana—vintage or new?

Photos via Retronaut

If you compare the older versions to the new Diana F+ we carry at our Lomography Shop, you’ll notice that not much has changed. The vital parts are all present with a few differences here and there in button location or body color.

These days, we make the Diana F+ in countless colors, limited editions, and in complete kits and bundles. The hard part is choosing just one!

See more of the vintage Dianas from the Detrich collection here, or start growing your own Diana F+ collection!

Enjoy endless dreamy, lo-fi, soft-focused possibilities with the Diana Deluxe Kit! This package includes the Diana F+ camera, Diana+ Lenses, 35mm Back, and Cable Release and Collar for the experimental Lomographer. Grab your own Diana Deluxe Kit now!

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    real nice!

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  4. carlota_nonnumquam
    carlota_nonnumquam ·

    My uncle has always loved photography and when he saw my Diana F+ he said he had an old school classic Diana back in the day in the 60's/70's. He says it was given to him as a novelty gift but he doesn't know where! Saddly he doesn't know where the camera is anymore!

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    I saw my Windsor! <3

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    I love older versions of Diana & I love newer versions of Diana.
    Shit, I'm in trouble. :))))

  7. maelstrom
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    I love all these vintage packaging (and Diana, of course:)

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