Review and Preview: Lomo LC-A Festivities


It’s time to reminisce on the good times as the LC-A’s 25th birthday went out with a bang! This is just the beginning, as we have tons in store for you Minitar fans and enthusiasts alike for the rest of the year!

LC-A Anniversary Parties: A Recap

All over the world, the 19th of June set the analogue world on a confetti-crazed celebration, with a series of parties in honour of the LC-A’s 25th Anniversary! Remember that this is just the beginning, folks – the Anniversary fun continues with the community parties hosted by Lomographers! Be sure to visit the LC-A 25th Anniversary microsite to get updates, so you can join in on the fun. We’re also offering you exciting deals on two of our well-loved LC-A Accessories – you wouldn’t want to miss that for sure!

A Sneak Peek into the Gallery Store & Embassy Parties!

If you missed any of the Gallery Store/Embassy Party, don’t fret! See the list below for a detailed visual report on the 25th Anniversary festivities.


Analogue photos from the LGS NYC's LC-A 25th Anniversary Party!!
Videos from the LC-A 25th Anniversary party at the LGS New York City!
LC-A 25th Anniversary Party in New York City - Digital Photos!


The Almost Complete Review of a Mentalist LC-A Anniversary Party in the City of Paris


LC-A 25th Anniversary Party in Madrid


First Video of the Lomo LC-A 25th Anniversary Celebrations in Vienna
LC-A Birthday Party Vienna Picture Gallery


LC-A Supermodel Contest Winners in Thailand
Lomo LC-A 25th Birthday Party Thailand
Oh It's so 1984 in Siam, Bangkok LC-A Workshop Photos
More Photos from the Lomo LC-A 25th Birthday Party in Thailand


Happy 25th! The LC-A Anniversary Manila in VOCAS


Blow The Candles – LCA Anniversary @ SCL


London LC-A Party Victoria Park Picnic


Oh it’s so 1984! - Celebrating the LC-A’s 25th Anniversary in Dubai

Hong Kong

LOMO LC-A 25th Birthday Party @ Lomography Gallery Store Hong Kong
LC-A Birthday Journey - Colorful Island at Hong Kong


Lomography Shanghai Shop Opening - As Seen Through Jeepeng's Eyes


Video for LC-A's 25th Birthday by the Beijing Lomo Shop
Beijing LC-A Birtday Party Gallery


Videos of the LC-As 25th Birthday Party Celebrations in Tokyo


LC-A 25th Anniversary Party at the Lomography Gallery Store Seoul

Irresistible LC-A Accessory Offers!

Go underwater with the Krab, or wide-eyed with the Wide-Angle Lens! Both are available in special deals

LC-A Wide Angle Lens

Enjoy a wider perspective with this lens! The LC-A + Wide-Angle lens combo is a favourite among Lomographers – find out why!

Go to the Shop
Visit the Microsite

LC-A Krab

This sturdy, protective red shell is perfect not only underwater, but also in all-weather activities!
Go to the Shop
Visit the Microsite

Ongoing Anniversary Competitions

Check out our ongoing Anniversary Competitions for a chance to win some fabulous prizes!

LC-A's 25th Birthday Global Parties Extended Rumble It's Your Birthday, CELEBRATE!#
Crazy LC-A Party Rumble
The LC-A 25th Anniversary Postcard Project
All year LC-A Birthday Video Action
The LC-A Anniversary Guestbook Flips Open
LC-A Anniversary Year Daily Photo Diary
Lomo LC- A Anniversary Microsite

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