Post Grad: Unibersidad ng Santo Tomas


I’ve called this university home for 5 long years when I was still studying, but the University of Santo Tomas has been around for over 400 years and counting. Discover more of its abundant history after the break.

Known as one of the oldest Catholic universities in Asia, University of Santo Tomas (or UST as it’s commonly called) was first founded way back in April 1611. The university celebrated its Quadricentennial Anniversary last year. Apart from the events and students, a lot of interesting things can be seen around the campus. I particularly enjoy taking photographs of the different buildings (especially the old ones) and structures that have been present since the Philippine’s Spanish era.

View from the main entrance (Espana Gate).

Here are some interesting historical and anecdotal tidbits about the university.

- The university was initially located within Intramuros (or the Walled City) during the 17th century. It was transferred to its present location in Sampaloc, Manila only during 1927. Some original structures (such as parts of the Arch of the Centuries) from the previous location was also transferred to the new campus.

Here’s the Arch of the Centuries.

- The university’s foundation is credited to Miguel de Benavides – the third Archbishop of Manila.

Miguel de Benavides statue

- The Main building is said to be the first earthquake-resistant building in the Philippines. It houses the university’s main offices. People usually mistake it for the University Church because of the big cross on top of the building.

Main Building

- Every December, the university celebrates Paskuhan (Christmas Festival). Students gather for a night of concerts, events, and fireworks display.

Paskuhan 2008

Here are other photos around the university.

I used a Lubitel 166+ with a DIY Redscale Film.

Even though I’ve left the university for quite some time now, I still go there sometimes to shoot interesting facades and events. I’ll always be at home within the four walls of this historical university.

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