Discover Hong Kong with the Diana F+

I recently came across the Hong Kong Tourism Board’s (HKTB) latest promotional online video and was surprised to see a feature on one of our favourite Diana F+ clones! See the Diana touring around HK after the jump.

Screen capture from Discover Hong Kong video

HKTB’s latest campaign uses the slogan “Hong Kong: Asia’s World City” to brand Hong Kong as a diversified and multicultural travel destination.

In the first part of the online video, you will see a woman going to various places in Hong Kong with a Diana F+ Glow in the Dark clone to capture the wonderful sights.

Here she is capturing the dreamy and backlit landscape of the harbor!

Next, sitting In a tea house. She must be taking shots of some dim sum :p

Using bulb mode to capture Hong Kong’s famous and beautiful night scene?

Watch the full campaign video below:

✘ Youtube:

Doesn’t the clip make you want to take a whirlwind tour of Hong Kong with a Lomography camera too?

Visit Discover Hong Kong for more information.

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