The La Sardina Orinoco Ochre: Absolutely Stunning


The La Sardina Orinoco Ochre has an easy to use focus system with a very impressive wide angle lens (22mm) and a shutter speed of 1/100 of a second.The Fritz the Blitz Flash has three easy to use settings, and charges quite quickly. The plastic lens gives all of your pictures the perfect analog feel we’ve all come to love.

The La Sardina Orinoco Ochre comes in a nice shade of orange, and the size and weight are perfect to take with you everywhere. The lens of the Orinoco Ochre is a wide angle plastic lens (22mm) and is ideal when you want to fit a lot in one picture without any distortion. Because the lens is made from plastic it helps give you a better analog feel and it can give you some pretty nice lens flares. The preset shutter speed is 1/100 of a second. It has two simple focus options: one that is for focussing on things up close (if you want to take a picture of yourself with a friend or of something within a foot, I’d use that setting), and the other for anything else (no matter how far it may be).

To make sure your camera is actually exposing your images, you need to turn the lens to the left, pull forward, and lock the lens in to place by turning it back to the right until it makes a soft click into place. You should then be able to read “Only shoot until you can read me!” on the lens now. The top of the camera, right in front of the viewfinder, has a black switch that gives you three options. You will probably keep it on N, for normal. There is also a bulb setting marked with B and a multiple exposure setting marked with MX. To create a multiple exposure take a picture on either the Normal or Bulb setting, slide the switch to the MX, and then chose Normal or Bulb for your next exposure.

The La Sardina cameras were made to take multiple exposures with ease. When winding your film the camera will stop on the next exposure, so you don’t have to worry about that, and when you want to rewind the film all you have to do is start turning the rewind nob. There is a cable release function on top of the shutter release, although the camera does not come with the cable release cord. There’s also a tripod mount on the bottom. The The Fritz the blitz flash not only charges quickly, but it can add neat effects to your photographs if you take advantage of the color filters. The camera itself doesn’t take any batteries, but the Fritz the Blitz uses a CR123A (3V) battery.

All photos were taken by Caleb Boyles.

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  1. toni78
    toni78 ·

    I have this camera from few time, i'm happy for the photos that it does!

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