Arches National Park (Crazy Rock Formations Everywhere You Look!)


I only stayed there for 1 day, but I wouldn’t have minded being there for a couple more days. It is a curious and fascinating place to visit and ponder about how these interesting rock formations were created.

Arches National Park was the first destination on my trip to the west, so you can just imagine my excitement. I am not originally from North America and I have visited many places around the world. Before visiting Utah I had no idea that North America was so fascinating. Actually, I though North America was plain and boring. This trip definitely changed my mind. North America is beautiful!

Visitors can see a lot of the park in just a couple of hours, but I do recommend getting there early and exploring as much as possible both driving in your car and hiking. The park is very hiker friendly and it has over 2000 natural sandstone arches and interesting rock formations. Hiking here is really interesting because the landscape and the views are fascinating everywhere you look. Looking at these rocks and arches, it is hard to believe that water created the weird and curious formations. The most famous arch is Delicate Arch, but there are many other formations worth the hike.

Summer temperatures may exceed 100 degrees Fahrenheit and there’s not a lot of shade in any of the trails. I believe April is the best time to visit the park. There are not many tourists, so it does not get too crowded and the weather is perfect for hiking, so you won’t melt or disintegrate under the hot sun! I’ve heard winter is a nice time to visit because a lot of the formations are covered with white beautiful snow. I have never been there in winter, but I plan on visiting the west again some time. Arches National Park is in my top list of places to experience again.

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    Stunning gallery of a magical place !

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    Great gallery!

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    wooooooow.. nice gallery

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