Take off Your Shoes and...Study!


Spring is coming! In these days the temperature is above 20 Celsius in my town, Como! It’s a great time to go to a park, enjoy the heat of the sun, and stay outside, enjoying the atmosphere of a great romantic lake! This series is dedicated to everyone who loves read!

Lake Como is a great romantic lake! On this lake the great novel “I promessi sposi” by Italian writer Alessandro Manzoni is ambiented. A classic book, really timeless. Now it’s spring, it is beautiful to go out, with a book as your companion, take your place in the park, take off your shoes to enjoy the freshness of the grass or the breeze of the wind…and, if you are a student, study outside! I love to stay in these places while I’m reading a book and take photos with my great Lomo LC-A or other film cameras!

  • A young student in Viale Geno, Como, in front of the beautiful Villa Olmo. She is doing her homework surrounded by this beautiful landscape
  • Blevio is another great place on the lake (a few kilometers from Como), an oasis of peace to take off your flip flops and do your homework while enjoying the first warm days of spring
  • Enjoy the freedom of reading on a wall near Villa Geno!
  • The stones for his pillow, and the heavens for his canopy! (From John Wesley Notes on the Bible, Genesis 28:18) – These photos were taken in Malgrate, near Lecco. The pillow is not the best, but the joy of reading while you are barefoot in complete freedom, is great!
  • The great park of Villa Olmo in Como with its secular trees, is another great romantic place to relax and read a good book!
  • Another romantic place for picnic and reading in Como is near the Tempio Voltiano (dedicated to the scientist Alessandro Volta)

And because the pleasure of reading (or study) is timeless, enjoy these last photos in black and white of the same places!

And don’t forget your preferred lomo camera!

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  1. vicuna
    vicuna ·

    love the mood of these pictures! great series!

  2. dakadev_pui
    dakadev_pui ·

    Great! i love it so much!

  3. nuhdos
    nuhdos ·

    Great photos, looks like a place where you can breath for real and relax...

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